Anandeshwar Dwivedi is an Indian actor and writer, known for Permanent Roommates (2014),  Gabbar is Back (2015), Humorously Yours (2016) and Bhai Ho!  He is widely known for his portrayal of Leo with a double LL in TVF originals critically acclaimed web series “Permanent Roommates.” Dwivedi is currently working at The Viral Fever Media Labs as its Creative Director.

Life & Career

Dwivedi was born and raised in Mumbai, India and was educated at National College, Mumbai. He joined TVF, a media production company in September 2012.

Prior to joining the TVF team, he worked in a call center in Mumbai. His first works at TVF were co-writer of the hit Gangs of social media,  Gaanawala song, Shit engineers say,  C-men, Doordarshan Qtiyapa, Caller Naina, Ek thi Behen, Champ u, Anti Load, Aadha 24 and Exam Qtiyapa.

Dwivedi in Bhai Ho!
Source: YouTube Screenshot

He is famous fro playing the role of Bhai in a hilarious Web-sketch “Bhai Ho!”; In which Dwivedi plays Bollywood’s unparalleled bad boy Salman Khan. He was also seen in the skit’s part of a parody series called “The Making of…” which mocks everything that is off-base or wrong about Bollywood.

The company behind this web parodies is “The Viral Fever Media Labs” (TVF-ONE) owned by electrical engineer turned comedy entrepreneur Arunabh Kumar. He changes his lane to produce online entertainment and standout youth humor channels on YouTube, Qtiyapa. Initially working from his small office in Mumbai’s Aram Nagar, Kumar says: “I pitched the idea of a pilot show called Engineer’s Diary to MTV but I got rejected on the ground that it won’t work. I wanted to create satirical programming but television wasn’t ready for it.” Today, Qtiyapa has managed to earn million of subscriber and viewers on YouTube.

Personal Life

According to his social profile, Dwivedi is not yet married and possibly single as well. He is a multi-talented person who’s skilled include, Screenwriting, Film Production, Photography, Television, Broadcast, and can good at using Adobe After effects. His inspiration for acting is film icons, Raghuveer of “Salaam” Bombay” and Marlin Brando of “Godfather 1.” He wanted to get into FTII, but destiny made a place on TVF, where he directs, acts and writes online series.