Angad Singh Ranyal is one of India’s best professional standup comedian, actor and writer. He is named the CNN-IBN top 20 stand-up comedians in India. He has performed in more than 150 shows ver 6 urban cities and is a regular component at the Canvas Laugh Club, The Comedy Store and a progression of East India Comedy show. Angad is a former student of NMIMS. He talked about his fantastic excursion from being an administration graduate to transforming into a full-time comedian. A useful man, he talked about measuring odds and test running new planning before jumping carelessly.

Early Years

Angad Ranyal was born in Delhi and brought up in Libya, and henceforth culturally befuddled. Angad was not a normal kid who accidentally landed on this field. In fact, he holds the world record for being the millionth Indian to pursue MBA  in the wake of finishing his engineering. A marketing major who keeps his rational soundness by making fun of anything and everything.

Angad Singh Ranyal perform at Canvas Laugh Club.

Angad has been performing in the Best Stand-up shows at the Canvas Laugh Factory and aside from that he is also a member of the YouTube comedy channel, ‘East India Company’.He likewise performs at the ‘Comic drama Store’.

East India Comedy

“East India Comedy” was founded by fellow comedian Sorabh Pant in 2012. The group comprises of seven full-time performers and contracts other entertainers, editors, and cinematographers as freelancers on project premise.

Angad recently joined the EIC, a group of Indian stand-up comedians that performs comedy shows, organizes comedy workshops, corporate events and scripts movie and television shows. The group hosts India’s version of the Golden Raspberry Awards (Razzies), the Ghanta Awards.

East India Comedy All Star Tour, Sir Mutha Concert Hall, Chennai, 2016.

Their most famous arrangement “EIC Outrage” is aired on YouTube. It is a show where every comedian takes a swing to talk about a range of theme or topics; current events or whatever people are arguing about on Facebook trending. EIC Outrage has covered subjects from black money to Award Wapsi to Kim Jong Un to Arvind Kejriwal.  The show guarantees statistics to stifle the doubtful, news open debates to fulfill the thirsty, fact-checked content, and jokes for whatever is left of the crowd.

Angad is a decent performer as well as a decent writer. He composed for comedy specials shows like ‘Comedy News Network’ and performed in over four countries. The opposite side of Angad could be seen when he is giving philosophical and motivational talks in Narnia Ashram.

Personal Life

Angad never considered turning into a comedian or a stand-up comedy artist in his life. He belongs to a religious Sikh family. The main thing that distinguishes him from other engineering major is that he took life like a squeeze of salt. He always discovers something amusing around him and made fun of it, including himself.

Angad on Indian Comedy Future

Stand-up comedians are presently in demand in restaurants, inns, hotels, bars, cafes and even at gatherings; where beforehand music was viewed as the sole mode of entertainment. And this demand is fuelling the aspirations of comic entertainers, who have spent a lifetime in another profession.