Arjun Rampal, the famous Bollywood actor, and model has recently come into media attention after as assault that took place at a five-star hotel in Delhi. Arjun Rampal who is often compared to big stars like Hrithik Roshan and Farhan Akhtar, was there to attend a party and Arjun Rampal assault s a man snatching his camera and allegedly threw the camera on the poor guy’s face.

Celebrities being indulged in such misbehavior is certainly not a good thing as it sends a negative message to their fans. Bollywood’s many stars have involved in these kinds of assaults which has almost everytime brought them shame.

Arjun Rampal assault- the whole story

Arjun Rampal was recently seen in the party where he was performing in a five-star hotel at Delhi. According to sources, a cameraperson was taking Arjun’s photo, seeing this Arjun was furious and jumped to the poor photographer snatching away his camera. After the guy started confronting Arjun asking to return the camera back; Arjun allegedly threw the DSLR in the person’s face.

Arjun Rampal had posted pictures of him on Instagram talking about the party and was seen all pumped up for it.

The victim cameraperson (Shobhit) filed a case against the actor Arjun Rampal. In a photo published by ANI, the cameraperson appears to be bandaged in the forehead. According to the victim, the police is also not cooperating with him.