Aseem Merchant is a Bollywood actor who is also known for the rumored dating with Priyanka Chopra. Aseem Merchant is the first boyfriend of Priyanka Chopra. Their relationship started when Priyanka was into modeling before stepping foot in Bollywood. The model turned actor, Aseem Merchant was last seen in Salman Khan’s “Wanted”.

During her modeling days, she seemed serious in her relationship with Merchant. During her hard time, she received support from Aseem Merchant and eventually, they went on to date. Their relationship didn’t last long and later they broke up after she came into stardom and won the Miss World title back in 2000. Some reports say they broke up 2 years after she became Miss Universe.

Priyanka Chopra and her former boyfriend Aseem Merchant

After so many years, the ex-couple were back in the news when they were in a clash. Aseem Merchant with his production company, Limelight Motion Pictures Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., was planning to make a biopic related to Priyanka Chopra. The movie “67 Days” is not just based on her modeling days but also Chopra’s former secretary and business manager Prakash Jaju and his experiences with Priyanka and her late father. The title “67” in the movie refers to the number of days Jaju stayed in jail for allegedly threatening Chopra.

Priyanka sent a legal notice to Aseem forbidding the biopic “67 Days”. Aseem’s production company Limelight Motion Pictures Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. will produce the film and is in no mood to give up.

On his defense, Aseem Merchant quoted “The film is about Prakash Jaju, not Priyanka Chopra.
It is about his experiences in Bollywood and will cover the entire entertainment industry. I respect and admire Priyanka. In no way am I trying to malign or hurt her. As a producer I am only trying to make a realistic film.”

However, after Chopra filed the case by sending a legal notice against the movie, it was then eventually laid aside.

Prakash Jaju tweeted Priyanka tried to commit suicide

Her ex-manager Prakash Jaju on April 2016 claimed that Priyanka tried to commit suicide three times when she was still struggling. Jaju on some of his tweets had mentioned that Chopra once attempted suicide after Aseem Merchant’s mother died in 2002 since she was very close to her.

This stunning actress was wooed by or if not, just linked with rumors to some of the big names in Bollywood like Shahid Kapoor, Akshay Kumar, Shah Rukh Khan and Harman Baweja. As of the moment, Priyanka Chopra is linked to Tom Hiddleston when it comes to love affairs after her famous twirls in the Emmys.

Aseem Merchant was married before to his ex-wife Mamta Raja. They divorced when their daughter, Sasha was just seven years old. Time and again, they have been spotted with his ex-wife at some parties.