With a day in the countdown remaining the pictures of Bahu Bali 2 scenes leaked in the media. “Bahubali 1: the beginning” which was one of the most grossing movies of the year not only did magic at the box office but also managed to get a huge fan following in the Indian movie industry.

Bahu Bali 2 scenes leaked

Raw shots from the movie Bahu Bali 2 is now flowing all over the internet showing Anushka Shetty in the foreground; she is shown here preparing for the war with arrows in the quiver. The intense looks in her eyes also suggest that a war is about to happen.Bahu Bali 2 scenes leaked

Caption: Anushka Shetty’s appearance in Bahubali 2: The conclusion.

Source: newsmahal.com

In addition to this, another snap from the Movie is also released which shows BahuBali and Anushka preparing for battle. Also in this scene, Katappa is nowhere to be seen as he one of the key characters of the story.

Bahubali 2 scenes leakedCaption: Anushka Shetty and Bahubali preparing for the war.

Source: newsmahal.com