Happy International Literacy Day 2017 – Literacy in World and India

Brothers and Sisters of World! Happy International Literacy Day 2017! International Literacy Day is celebrated across the world in 8th September of every year. We started celebrating international literacy day from 1965. It is celebrated with great joy, fanfare, and hope for better days ahead. It’s main aim is to highlight the importance of literacy […]

Happy Independence Day 2017 – India’s 71th Independence Day

Sisters and brothers of India, Happy Independence Day. August 15, 2017, marks 71 years of Indian independence. August 15 is the day in which we got freedom from the British Colonial rule. Our ancestors and forefathers fought for 90 years, so that we could live in a free country. Caption: India is developing Source: 4.bp.blogspot.com Achievements of […]

Mo Vlogs Biography Career and Networth

Mo Vlogs is the youtube name of the Vlogger Mohamed Beiraghdary. He was born on the 8th march of the year 1995. Even though there is no concrete evidence about his ethnicity; he is believed to be an Iranian by race as his mother is often heard talking in the Persian language; which mostly Iranians speak. He is friends with […]

Nayi Soch; Amir khan and Shah Rukh Khan soon to be sharing screen

Shah Rukh Khan and Amir Khan are surely the biggest names in the Bollywood industry; however, because of the rumored cold war raging between them since the beginning, they haven’t shared screens with each other. But with the improvement in their relationship, something huge is on its way “Nayi Soch”. Nayi Soch: Where the two […]