Gursimran Khamba, best-known as Khamba is a renowned Indian stand-up comedian,  political satirist, writer and co-founder of “AIB” with Tanmay Bhat. Khamba has performed for corporate clients like Hindustan Times, ICICI, AT Kearney, Facebook and much more. His television credits include The Indian Television Awards, Jay Hind! and MTV Rock The Vote. Khamba is also a weekly columnist with Firstpost and DNA Magazine and has had work published in GQ India, Grazia, Hello Magazine, Marie Claire India and India Today amongst others.

Gursimran Khamba was one of the anti-reservation group delegates who met the then President-Dr. Abdul Kalam to exhibit an appeal against reservations.

His Journey to Comedy

Khamba was a part of United Students; an activity by some Delhi University understudies to change the condition of legislative issues and administration at DU. Khamba was likewise a dynamic member of AIESEC during his college years. He attended Delhi College of Arts & Commerce in Delhi University and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism. After graduation, Khamba planned to study in England for his Master’s degree on a full scholarship. However, life had different arrangements for him. Khamba was diagnosed with Tuberculosis that made him being bed-ridden for over six months.

Experiencing terrible break-up, sick, bedridden, and heart-broken, he delighted himself by watching stand-up comic drama on YouTube. He soon created a blog that was named Khamba’s Blog that he claims were fundamental to pass his time and frustration. He represents a witty and quirky take on political and social issues in India.

The blog turned out to be massively famous, which earned him many followers on Twitter and other social sites. Thereafter, Rajneesh Kapoor, a mainstream stand-up comic from Delhi, unearthed his blog one day and found it truly entertaining. He then receives a call from Kapoor and visited him for an open mic night. Soon, Khamba got public attention and continued to do stand-up comedy.

Khamba additionally began podcasting on his blog at the same time. His first visitor on the podcast was Rahul Roushan, founder of Faking News. However, he felt something was out of order and he halted after 2-3 podcasts.

Khamba and Tanmay

In 2012, Khamba moved to Mumbai, as the comedy scene over there was substantially more active. There, he met and became friends with Tanmay Bhat. Together, they began podcasting and named it “All India Bakchod”. They were later joined by Ashish Shakya and Rohan Joshi. Khamba was Twitter friends with each of them three before he met them in face to face. Khamba shares a flat with Abish Mathew who is a popular stand-up comedian himself and collaborates with AIB on almost all their projects.

In 2012, Khamba got entrance into the M.A. in Media & Cultural Studies course at Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. During this time, he worked two jobs as a phenomenal stand-up comedian alongside studying at TISS. Strangely, he was requested that do stand-up amid his last final admission interview. Khamba once faced a controversy when he performed on the campus. A minor discussion broke out as few students found the content to objectionable, however, the issue passed over.

Their podcast allowed them to assemble audience and managed to connect with more people. Simultaneously, they continued doing live solo shows.

AIB’s comedians (from left) Gursimran Khamba, Ashish Shakya, Rohan Joshi and Tanmay Bhat

In 2012, they started a new live show called “The Royal Turds,” wherein they made fun of most noticeably bad Bollywood actor, director, lyricist through a mixture of stand-up, sketch, and musical comedy. The show debut on 15th February 2013 at Liberty Cinema, Mumbai. They did this in Delhi, Pune, Kolkata, Bangalore and the show returned with a second season in spring 2014. All India Bakchod made their debut on YouTube in September 2013.

Gursimran Khamba’s Genre

Gursimran Khamba’s humor is generally laced heavily with sarcasm and quirky tongue-in-cheek references. His deadpan and poker-faced manner of delivery make his observations about various topics a treat to watch.

His forte is in both improve as well as stand-up comedy, as is often noticed in his social media posts and on his blog. With biting repartee and a fabulous eye for detail that helps him in extracting the best of humor from situations, Khamba is indeed a class act, wherever he and whomsoever he lampoons!

Other Works

Khamba has been a weekly columnist for Firstpost and DNA newspaper, Mumbai and his writing has been published and featured in GQ India, Grazia, Hello Magazine, Marie Claire India, India Today, HT Brunch, NH7, Yahoo! Exclusives and more. His television credits include The Indian Television Awards, Jay Hind! and MTV Rock The Vote which he wrote and co-starred in. Some of his corporate clients include Hindustan Times (Crystal Awards), ICICI, Tata, Facebook, AT Kearney, Publicis Groupe.

Khamba was also a dynamic member of AIESEC amid his undergraduate years. He was part of United Students association which was an activity by some Delhi University understudies to change the condition of governmental issues and administration at DU.