Hanif Kureishi is a British screenwriter, playwright, and also a novelist. Born on December 5, 1953, he follows Islam religion but prefers Buddhism.Along with this, Hanif has been able to achieve many awards for his screenwriting, and Novels.

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Kureishi was born to Rafiushan Kureishi and Audrey Buss in London. He had his marriage to his love Monique Proudlove. From the marriage, he has got 3 children with Monique Proudlove. He has written many books, novel related to love, sex and also,  he was a writer in Pornography.


Hanif Kureishi’s Career and Awards

Starting his career as a Pornography writer in the 1970’s, he continued writing. He started writing different screenplays and roles. Among that a film directed by Stephen Frears was famous. Hanif wrote plays especially against the racial Discrimination including his own experience. He wrote plays for “Sammy and Rosie Get Laid”, “The Buddha of Suburbia” and won Whitebread Award for best Novel. For his racial Discrimination related movies, he won New York Film Critics Best Screenplays. In 1991, he released the movie”London Kills Me”, was written and directed by himself.

Hanif’s novel “Intimacy“, helped him to come in the sight of medias. In the novel, a man leaves his wife and two sons for being rejected by the wife. Such a novel created emotions among readers of all age. This influenced readers to buy other novels by his making him famous. But the novel created controversy about him and his wife. The novel was adapted to the movie “Intimacy” directed by Patrice Chereau. The movie had won Golden Bear for the Best film and Silver Bear for Best Actress. Thewerecontroversies over the explicit scenes of the actors.

His drama “The Mother” won him the joint first award in the Director’s Fortnight at the Cannes Film Festival. Also, his screenplay “Venus” got a chance to see oscar, BAFTA, Screen Actors Guild, and much more. Hanif has also written a nonfictional movie, “The Telegraph”. He has also played a movie about a relation between his father in the movie “My Ear At His Heart” who died in 1991.

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Caption: Hanif Kureishi


Hanif Kureishi’s net worth

Hanif was born in a wealthy family and himself worthy almost a million$. He has been able to earn this much by writing different plays, novels and all.

Kureishi is passionate about writing novels and books. He spends most of his money in writing screenplays and roles. Still, his property is spreading all over his hometown.