Sisters and brothers of India, Happy Independence Day.

August 15, 2017, marks 71 years of Indian independence. August 15 is the day in which we got freedom from the British Colonial rule. Our ancestors and forefathers fought for 90 years, so that we could live in a free country.


Caption: India is developing


Achievements of India after Independence

India has come a long way from the inception of independence. We are able to maintain India’s unity and integrity. We have a vibrant democracy and a stable governance system. There are many specific programs for common men. We took a huge leap in space and nuclear program.

At the moment, the economy of India is the sixth-largest in the world. Our voice is heard in the global forum. We are making our presence in world’s space. We are heading to become a global superpower in a peaceful and sustained manner.


Caption: Women empowerment in India


Challenges of Indian after Independence

Despite improving in so many aspects, we cannot deny the truth that we have many challenges to overcome. Corruption, population, poverty, illiteracy, and unemployment are still relevant and persist. At the moment, Mother India is facing serious crises regarding religious and social disharmony and conflict. Ultra patriotism and Hindu nationalist sentiment are rising unexpectedly in India.

Although, there are many challenges and difficulties, we can overcome all those, if we are determined and work together. We should have faith in ourselves and our’s almighty that we will rise and shine from all these problems and hurdles.

Hum honge kamiyab ek din

Oh,  man mein hei vishwas, Poora hei vishwas

Hum honge kamiyab ek din.

Jai Hind!