Ram Pothineni one of the brilliant Telugu actors was seen with Raashi Khanna together on screen, their rapport on the sets and their crackling chemistry has become the thing to talk. In fact, people who have had the chance to see the film have been talking about about their chemistry on the set.

It was during the movie shoot of “Shivam” where these celebrities were seen together.It was the presence of Ram pothineni on the set that made Raashi fell at home. Raashi said” I felt really comfortable, because I was treated like a family by everyone. Ram ensured that she would not feel left out and would completely involve herself in the Film. So, the chemistry between Ram and Raashi was a product of that comfort.Adding to this Ram is still single and is not dating anyone.

Ram Pothineni and Raashi Khanna in “Shivam” film promotion in inorbit mall, Hyderabad.
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In the movie “Shivam” Raashi plays an egotistical girl called Tanu in which is completely a different character that how she is in her real life. Raashi tells all her fan that she enjoyed playing this character because there was a Tom and Jerry thing between Ram and me .However, it seems that Ram is still not proposed her.

Also the movie has a high voltage of romance and so it is necessary that the chemistry works as in Raashi real life she such never experienced anything as beautiful as this. It was because of the movie that these celebrities were romantically involved. Ram credits Her co-star’s presence of mind to shift Raashi from her real personality to the role she is playing in the movie.

Ram pothineni and Raashi Khanna posing in a Mall.
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Raashi’s beauty and grace was loved by Ram and he seemed to be so attracted to this beautiful celeb. But after all that chemistry and family-style bonding on the sets, after the completion of the project Raashi was very upset as she would not be around Ram. Raashi seemed to feel very low and sad.

Raashi after the completion of movie mentions it was truly like a family working on set with Ram and she would miss him a lot. Ram and Raashi have been secretly meeting each others however, they don’t seem to be in a relationship.


The beautiful experience that Ram and Raashi had on the set was evergreen. Ram at the end of the movie mentioned all that bonding he had on the set will be a treat for the audiences and they admire our boding in the movie. Ram was grateful to Raashi for giving her best in the movie.