Jitendra Kumar or Jeetu is an Indian actor, widely recognized for his roles in “The Viral Fever”. His performance on various TVF web series has made him an overnight celebrity. He has also appeared in a couple of Bollywood films like “A Wednesday,” “Shuruaat Ka Interval” and “TVF’s Pitchers” and “Permanent Roommates”.

Life & Career

Jitendra was born in 1990 in Jodhpur, Rajasthan into a Hindu family. He completed B.tech (Civil Engineering) from IIT Kharagpur, West Bengal and won a bronze in Hindi elocution on his graduation. During his college years, Kumar also involved with literature and has won a number of awards.

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His career transition from engineer to acting was not a sudden one but gradual. After completing engineer from IIT Kharagpur, he struggled to get a job but his struggles were proving to be futile. Initially, he worked in a tech company for about 8 months, which he was not passionate of.

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Later, Biswapati Sarkar from TVF and his senior in college asked him to join TVF as an intern and see if he likes it there. He then quit his engineering job and joined the TVF team. Ever since he was cast in various shows.

He is known for his characters and Jitu and mimicking Indian politician turned Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. In 2008, he was seen playing a cameo of a taxi driver in the Bollywood acclaimed movie ‘A Wednesday.’ His other appearance credit includes, Barely Speaking with Arnub, Munna Jazbaati, and Tech Conversations.

Jitendra (R) as Arvind Kejriwal
and Nidhi Bisht as Meenakshi Lekhika Image: Instagram

Jitendra’s parents were initially quite doubtful of his career until they witnessed his success. Standing 5 feet Inches, he is not yet married.