Kanchan Gupta is a journalist, political analyst, and also an activist of India. Born in West Bengal of India he is most famously renowned for his presence in Namaste London. He is also known for his journalism and political analysis. Gupta learned his famous skill in journalism from the famous M.J. Akbar.

Gupta doesn’t like to share his personal life details with others hence keeping them secret. He has never revealed about his father, mother or siblings. Gupta is married to his loving spouse Nandini Gupta. He has the height of an average man.


Kanchan Gupta’ s Career and Awards

Kanchan Gupta is a famous journalist, political analyst and also an activist of India. He has also joined the Telegraph in 1982. He learned his journalism from famous journalist; M.J. Akbar. Gupta had big positive changes in his journalism and got the invitations from many big editing companies. He got an invitation from The Statesman; Sananda K. Datta-Ray.

Gupta became the youngest Assistant Editor in The Stateman’s history of that time. In 1991, he moved to Delhi with a new work as Assistant Editor of The Pioneer. After 3 years he got a promotion as a Deputy Editor. In 1995, he left his career as a full timer and started focusing on his public career of works in Parliamentary work. He also had worked as National Security Advisor Brajesh Mishra on foreign affairs and issues on security.

Gupta was sent Cairo for the engaging and influencing the Middle East from the Governments diplomacy initiative. Later he again joined the Pioneer for some time. He is seen every Sunday in The Pioneer and writes the weekly column for the popular Mumbai daily. With high efforts, he is known politically conservative and socially liberal from the society.


Kanchan Gupta’ s net worth

Kanchan Gupta, a political analyst, the activist of India and a journalist is estimated to have a total net worth of almost a million$. He earned this mu9ch by being part in political affairs and journalism.

Kanchan Gupta is not much passionate on luxury items but still, owns some luxury items and cars. He owns them from the International Luxury Item Manufacturing Industries. He has his property spread all over his hometown and India.