Kasun Kalhara is a Sri Lankan singer, musician and record producer.  He is the best production by Dr. Premasiri Kemadasa. haritha Kasun has released his three albums titled Haritha Nimnaye, Radical Premaya and Romantic Opera.

Kasun Kalhara is one of the biggest and best-selling music artists in Sri Lanka. He is not just a singer but also a composer. he never depends on computer and keyboard as other synthetic composers.


Kasun Kalhara : Early Life and Personal Details:

One of the best Srilankan singer Kasun Kalhara was born on  Rajagiriya, Sri Lanka on November 3, 1981, to Malani Bulathsinhala and H.M Jayawardena.

The famous singer Kasun is married to Nadee Kammalweera. They both have a son together.

Kasun Kalhara : Career

Kasun music career started with Indrachapa Liyanage and Ananda College Friends in the year 2000. His mother was his great supporter who used to support in every step taken b y her son.


Kasun has also held a number of solo concerts joining with a group of other artists. Kasun’s three concerts named “Culture Shock”, “The Black Red White Concert” and “Love U” have become one of the most attended musical shows in the history of Sri Lanka. Those shows were able to gather more than 5000 fans at the Nelum Pokuna Mahinda Rajapaksa Theatre for all three events.


Kasun Kalhara : Net Worth

Kasun Kalhara is living a luxurious life. One of the famous singers of Sri Lanka, Kasun is enjoying his life a lot as he has posted a lot of photographs in various medias with a designer dress.

He loves traveling and having a party with delicious and expensive foods. He is passionate about watch and fine dress up. Kasun loves playing guitar and cricket at his free time. The famous singer of Sri Lanka Kasun’s net worth is reported to be around $ 1 million.