Om Puri is an Indian actor who appeared in Indian, British and Pakistani films. He was well known for his brilliant performance in movies like Aakrosh and Arohan. Also slight roles in Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro , Chachi, and Actor in law where some of his famous movies. He had a good friendship with director Shyam Benegal and Govind Nihalani. He was awarded Padma Shri, for the fourth civilian award of India in late 1990.

Bollywood relationships have never been easy. Always unpredictable!

Om puri Married life

In the year 1993 Om Puri married journalist-writer Nandita Puri . On Aug 22 Om’s wife Nandita Puri filed a case in Mumbai police station, complaining that Om puri beat her with a stick and abused her. Few months ago these couples with their son Ishaan were in a holiday in Bangkok. It seems these couples were trying to iron out their differences. However, the differences were too much to be smoothed by one family vacation.

Om puri with his wife Nandita puri and son Ishaan puri.

Om and Nandita Puri’s replationship exposed openly in a book ‘Unlikely Hero: The Story of Om Puri’, written by his journalist-writer wife, was to be launched. Om was of course very upset with Nandita exposing his relationships in a manner which was disrespectful to the women being involved.

Om Puri Affairs

According to the book , Om was in a physical relationship with his maid when he was just 14 years of age. Later , he did have another sexual relationship with another women who was a caretaker of his old father. It seems his fans were very much aware of this. The situation got more worst when his ex wife Seema Kapoor had reentering his life, it had been 11 years that they knew each others. Seema kapoor was hurted after knowing Om was involved with some other women .

Om Puri and his ex wife Seema kappor.

Om’s anger against Nandita for exposing his relationship in the book eventually cooled down. But he was curious when the book got released. Nandita did not allow him to read the manuscript. When Om asked her for the manuscript she put it aside saying there’s to worry and its somthing he will be proud of.


Nandita Puri  had once told him ” Give me two years to prepare myself and then we will separate.” Later, om puri was seen visiting Seema kappor’s very often. However, this martial trouble was reached to the police station with the case of domestic violence registered against the actor.

Om puri Death.

In recent time, actor suffered a massive heart attack early on Friday 6th jan 2017 morning at his home in Andheri, a suburb of Mumbai, India. The actor died of a Heart Attack.  Om  basically was a small town boy urban-bred. All his hardwork and dedication in the movies are highly admired by all his fans.

Nnadita Puri leaving hospital after her husband Om puri died of a heart attack.

Few days ago , the actor tweets  reflecting on his life and career on twitter  saying he had “no regrets” and was proud of what he had achieved in life.