Mayanti Langer is One of the most well-renowned sports anchor. Mayanti Langer is not only talented but also extremely beautiful. She has hosted the 2011’s cricket world cup. Mayanti Langer started her career hosting numerous tournaments such as football café on sports and common wealth games on 2010. Also she hosted the ICC cricket world cup held on 2015.

If you have an eye on this beautiful lady then better take it off because this gorgeous anchor is married. Yes, you read that right!!

Mayanti Langer married Stuart Binny

Mayanti Langer got married to a handsome cricketer “Stuart Binny” in 2012. Stuart is the son of Roger Binny, who is a famous former Indian cricketer. He is a renowned Indian national team player .Stuart was a member of the Indian team for Cricket World Cup 2015.. Nevertheless, he is also known for his critical IPL performances.

It has been years since these couples got married. Despites for being married for so many years, Mayanti Langer and her husband’s relationship seems to be going well without any major obstacles. All their fans are happily wishing them for keeping their personal life good.

Mayanti Langer and her husband Stuart Binny posing in a restaurant.

Langer and his husband Binny did face a lot of up’s and down’s in life. It was during the T20I where India played against the west indies In Florida at Lauderhill. Stuart Binny bowled the 11th over , and the batsman Evin Lewis made 32 runs as he hit almost five sixes. This was the saddest day for the couples as this bought a massive tweets of criticism for Binny and Langer.

Mayanti Langer and Stuart Binny’s children

Langer and Binny have never declared of Langer’s pregnancy or about being a parent. Therefore, it is yet not confirm whether Langer and Binny have any kids of their own. However, Langer and Binny were once seen taking with an adorable baby girl. The image of the baby with Langer and Binny was also seen on Langer’s Instagram. All the fans of Langer and Binny are still eager to know who that child is. Sadly, neither Langer nor Binny has ever disclosed about the child’s identity.

Mayanti Langer and her husband Stuart Binny posing in a car.

It seems like Mayanti Langer and her husband Binny’s bond is very strong and the love between them is boundless. No wonder why their relationship is so long and strong no matter public speak about them. Both the couples feel lucky to have each other’s. The bond that they share with each other’s inspires every individual.