Kunal Rao is a resigned Chartered Accountant who quit his job in London England amid the recession to seek his passion for stand-up comedy. Since he began in 2009, Kunal has quickly ascended to the top 10 comics of India, performing in 18  urban areas in India. His global career includes Sri Lanka, Nepal, Dubai, and Mumbai. Known for his comedy specials “Holy Krao!” and “It’s Not Okay”, Kunal is a regular performing stand-up comedian at Mumbai Comedy Stores and Canvas Laugh Club.


Kunal Rao was born on 3 October 1979 in Mumbai, India. Kunal Rao resigned from his lucrative career and chose to follow his enthusiasm of being creative. Today being a comedian is not that easy until and unless you reconsider before amusing yourself or of themes of absolute importance. He has had a long adventure from documenting taxes and counting balance reports to penning down jokes like none other.

Sorabh Pant, a college companion, put him up on to an open mic and then hired him as his opening comedian in 2012. Then they kept giggling until it got to be distinctly productive. “The journey was long and great, with lots of late night philosophy and mid-afternoon motivation,” says Rao, who is now in Mumbai.


Kunal Rao debuted his comedy special “Holy Krao!” in 2012. He then performed “It’s Not Okay” in over 6 cities in 2015 and is considered as one of the most experienced comedians in India. As of now, Rao has performed more than 300 shows across the nation. He likewise appeared on Channel V and ET Now, as a comedian.

Additionally, Kunal also contributes in humor segment for Hindustan Times, Maxim, HT Brunch and Mid-Day. He described himself as the sexiest Chartered Accountant by wearing a modern waistcoat. Considered as one of the most promising Indian comics, Mumbai Mirror commented on him saying “Effortlessly funny” and “Left everyone in splits” by Bangalore Chronicle.

East India Co.medy

In 2012, Kunal Rao joined the EIC, a group of Indian stand-up comedians that performs comedy shows. The crew also organizes comedy workshops, corporate events and scripts movie and television shows. The group has hosted India’s version of the Golden Raspberry Awards (Razzies), the Ghanta Awards and a few ceremonies.

East India Comedy

“East India Comedy” was founded by fellow comedian Sorabh Pant in 2012. The group comprises of seven full-time performers and contracts other entertainers, editors, and cinematographers as freelancers on project premise. Their most famous arrangement “EIC Outrage” is aired on YouTube. It is a show where every comedian takes a swing to talk about a range of theme or topics; current events or whatever people are arguing about on Facebook trending.