Manjusha is the anchor of Telugu show ‘Ugadi Promo’ broadcast on private TV channel.  She is mostly known for her talent to entertain viewers with her film fraternity guests on her show.

Manjusha is the most beautiful anchor with the looks that can beat many other famous Tollywood actors and actresses. Because of her beauty she was offered in the movie “Rakhi“.

Manjusha : Career

Manjusha the famous anchor become a popular face on the small screen. She is  a well known figure for the Teleugu people as they were entertained by her. Manjusha  is widely recognized and called as the junior sister of NTR after she acted in the movie “Rakhi” with the role of of Gayathri. Even after the movie she did not get the big break and got an opportunity to prove her talent.

Manjusha also entertained viewers on the film related program “24 Frames” broadcast on Gemini channel. She is still busy building her career justifying her skill with strength and inspiration. She is not just an actress but also a famous TV anchor. Manjusha has also interviewed most famous TV personalities.  Manjusha provide the fast and quick news to the viewers through ’25 Frames.’

She has gathered a lot of her fans and followers because of her cute way of representing the show. As the famous anchor as well as an actress Manjusha was born on Andhra Pradesh she has a huge fan in Andhra Pradesh. Manjusha is probably the most beautiuful anchor who was offered in the movie “Rakhi” due to her face and talent. Currently she is looking for new movies to show her skills.

Manjusha : Net Worth

Manjusha is living a luxurious life. She is simple and the most beautiful who grabs the attention of the viewers. She loves pet and has a pet cat. Manjusha is interested alot in the matter of desining and fashoions. She loves wearing new model dress and jewelleries and diamonds.

During her vacation she loves being out and have delicious foods and drinks.  Painting specially the pictures of God is the most favorite thing to be done by an actress Manjusha at her leisure time.  She is too concerned about decorating and cleaning her house. Manjusha is passionate in knowing the historical handicrafts and jewels.