Priyanka Chopra is one of the most talked personalities of B-town when it comes to love affairs and rumors. The recent news about it is her affairs with the Thor’s iconic character, “Loki”, Tom Hiddleston.

The news took its height when Priyanka and Tom were on stage together presenting an award at the Emmys in Los Angeles that made the fans wondering “what’s cooking between them?” On the event, Tom Hiddleston gave a twirl in style to Priyanka Chopra who seemed so happy afterwards like seeing your longtime crush in high-school.

Priyanka Chopra and Tom Hiddleston at Emmys Awards


Priyanka Chopra and Tom Hiddleston found flirting at the Emmy After Party

Later in the Emmy’s after party, the two were seen flirting with each other while taking selfies as reported by E! Online. During the party, Tom was holding his arm around Chopra. Later Tom held Priyanka’s hands for some moment while they both were talking very closely. Momentarily, Priyanka and Tom were kissing each other on their cheeks just after PeeCee fixed his bow-tie.

Priyanka Chopra and Tom Hiddleston

Not just they were seen together in the after-party, but also they were spotted during the rehearsals and they even exchanged their numbers as reported by E! News.

The 34 years old actress, Chopra was talking about her twirls with Tom Hiddleston in an episode of “The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon”. The actress who was having her “Marilyn Monroe moment” said, “After I twirled once, I was twirling all night. Then, onstage, Tom made me twirl and I was only twirling.”

Glee Actree Lea Michele confirms about Priyanka Chopra relationship

Lea Michele, an actress of an American TV show “Glee”, was asked in an interview with Ellen Degeneres to choose between Michael Jordan and Tom Hiddleston. When she was having a hard time to choose, Ellen mentioned that Hiddleston is single. But to many fan’s surprise, Michele stated that Crimson Peak actor Tom Hiddleston and Priyanka Chopra are in a relationship by saying “He’s got too much going on, I can’t get with that. It’s a lot. Now, there’s Priyanka Chopra, he loves her, they were flirting.”

Amid all these rumor mills, the official confirmation regarding their relationship from the couple is yet to come.

Priyanka previous love affairs

Tom Hiddleston was previously in a relationship with the music sensation, Taylor Swift for a span of just 3 months. Their relationship ended because Swift had an attraction towards Mike Hess. They were spotted dancing together after she performed in a concert.

Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift

Priyanka Chopra also had so many love affairs with many Bollywood actors, the biggest topic of discussion being the rumor linking her and Shah Rukh Khan. Previously she had been in relationships with Aseem Merchant, Akshay Kumar, Herman Baweja and Shahid Kapoor.

On the recent news, Priyanka Chopra’s home production movie, Sarvaan will feature famous Guru Gobind Singh’s song Shabad in her late father’s voice.