Mo Vlogs is the youtube name of the Vlogger Mohamed Beiraghdary. He was born on the 8th march of the year 1995. Even though there is no concrete evidence about his ethnicity; he is believed to be an Iranian by race as his mother is often heard talking in the Persian language; which mostly Iranians speak. He is friends with Rashed Belhasha who is also an emerging youtube celebrity better known for his Youtube channel Money kicks.

Mo currently resides in Dubai with his mother Nadereh Samimi better known as Naddia and Sister Parisa better known as Lana Rose. He has almost never mentioned about his father (Esmail Beiraghdary) in his Vlogs or anywhere.

Mo Vlogs Career

Previously, Mo and his sister were studying in London; however, they moved back to Dubai in August of the year 2015 after completing their studies.

Before Mo started Vlogging, he started his career in youtube through his gaming channel HitspecKO. The channel wasn’t much of a success, so he opted for Vlogging with his channel  “Mo Vlogs”. He first uploaded his video on 7th of December 2014.

Initially, his vlogs received an average of 15.000 views. However, this changed with him uploading Vlogs featuring Supercars which attracted viewers in the mid hundred thousand range. “THE LUXURY DUBAI LIFESTYLE- BILLIONAIRE BOYS” is his first most popular video on Youtube.

Apart from his involvement in Youtube as a Vlogger, he is also talking about his business related to fashion. We can expect him to be launching his business very soon as he is often talking about his business.

Mo Vlogs Networth cars

Mo Vlogs has successfully established himself in youtube as a Vlogger. Even though he has never given any concrete figure to point out his net worth, a tabloid site has stated his net worth to be around $2 million.

Mo Vlogs is extremely passionate about cars; especially high-end luxury and sports cars and he often features them in his Vlogs. He garages cars like Ferrari 458 and a Ford mustang. He is currently living with his mother and sister in their house in a wealthy neighborhood in Dubai. Mo is also planning to buy his own property in Dubai and is currently looking around.

Here are some of his social networking sites

Youtube: Mo Vl0gs

Instagram : mo_vlogs_

Snapchat id: mohamedoo