Rashed Belhasa is a 15-year-old youtube vlogger and an Instagram sensation. He is also a sneakers collector famous for his youtube channel “Money Kicks”. Rased Belhasa is the son of Emirates most successful billionaire entrepreneur Saif Ahmed Belhasa. Rashed has many friends in the youtube community like Mo Vlogs, Lana Rose, Vitaly and so on.

Rashed is also quite famous for his family farmhouse; where he houses many exotic animals like Tiger Lion Leopard and so on. Many celebrities like Shah Rukh Khan, Saif Ali Khan, Salman Khan; Wiz Khalifa, Tyga, “The Game” visited his farmhouse to interact with those exotic animals.


Rashed Belhasa ‘s Career

Rashed Belhasa is only 14 years old but he is extremely popular in youtube and Instagram. Apart from him being a sensation on the internet, he is also known to be quite an entrepreneur with his own clothing brand. He is also passionate about shoes and has an awesome collection of shoes ranging to thousands of dollars. He has been able to collect a cool collection of shoes which is currently worth $30,000 and he estimates that the collection will be worth thrice.

Rashed Belhasa is also quite known for his opulent living as he is the son of Dubai’s construction magnate Dr. Saif Ahemd Belhasa. The family owns a farmhouse in the outskirts of Dubai which is also popular among celebrities worldwide. Many celebrities visit their farm house which Rashid exclusively handles. Many celebrities like Akon, Messi, Niki Minaj have visited the farmhouse.



Rashed Belhasa is the son of Saif Ahmed Belhasa who has an estimated net worth well above $2 billion. Even though born in a rich family Rashed is extremely down to earth and strongly believes in making it big on his own.

He currently rides in his Yeezy Boost inspired Caddillac Escalade but his family owns many luxurious cars like Rolls Royce, Bently, Mercedes and so on.