Paresh Rawal is an Indian Actor, Producer as well as a Politician. He also is a party leader of the party Bharatiya Janata Party. Born on May 30, 1950, he follows Hindu religion. Rawal is able to achieve many awards for his skills in Acting and Producing Bollywood movies. He has played movies with famous Bollywood stars like Ambitah Bachchan, Govinda, and others.

Paresh Rawal was born to Dahyalal Rawal and is currently married to actress Swaroop Sampat. The loving couple has two sons; Aniruddh Rawal and Aditya Rawal. 66 years old Rawal has a height of 5’8″ and weighs 78kg.

Paresh Rawal’ s Career and Awards

Paresh started his career as a supporting role in the movie “Arjun“. Later in 1986, his movie “Naam” was a Blockbuster. This brought him in the notice to the medias and ultimately the public. Continuing his acting career, he went on playing in many movies(over a hundred) for 10 years. He played in the movie “Hera Pheri“, where he won the “Filmfare Best Comedian Award”. Rawal went on playing movies and in the later 2002, he played “Aankhen”. He played the movie alongside with famous Bollywood Stars like Amitabh Bachchan, Akshay Kumar, and others.

In 2012, he played the movie “OMG-Oh My God!”, which was a superhit movie of that time. Not only acting, he started producing serials like “Teen Bahuraaniyaan”, “Main Aisi Kyunn Hoon”, and others. He went on producing and acting and winning many awards for his skills. He won awards for best performance, best villain, best-supporting role, best actor, Best comedian, for many times.

Apart from acting and producing, he is also a politician. Member of Lok Sabha of Indian Parliament, “Bharatiya Janata Party”. He has won Member of Parliament from Ahmedabad East in the Indian General Election 2014. He had been supported by the peoples and his fan members from the public.

Paresh Rawal’ s net worth

Paresh Rawal, a politician, actor, and a producer is said to have an estimated net worth of almost $13 million. He is able to earn so much with his skills in acting, producing and influencing people for him.

Rawal, very passionate about cars, owns many cars from International Luxury Car Manufacturers. He owns cars like Innova-2007, Grand i10 AST, and others. His property is widespread all over his hometown and India.