Sanjeev Khanna is the ex-husband of Indrani Mukerjea and the stepfather to Sheena Bora. He is a businessman by profession and is currently involved in wireless communication in India. Sanjeev has recently come into media’s attention as he is one of the prime suspects for the murdering of Sheena Bora.


Khanna is also involved in other businesses like he was one of the founders of tony restaurant 1658. Apart from this he also was heading a heritage project to convert the Bawali Rajbari into a high profile hotel. He also owns an online listing company Bawali Estates which specifically deals with real estate and its development. The company also helps to restore old heritage haveli and hotels.

Khanna had this gifted talent to persuade others which also gave him the reputation of the guy who can get anything done. He was considered as the go-to-guy when any developers were tied up in a red tape scenario where their projects couldn’t continue due to permission issues.


Sanjeev Khanna was brought up by a single mother as his father was murdered when he was an infant. Even though there is no information about his early life we have found that he was raised up in a city of New Zealand called Hastings.

Khanna and Indrani were married for almost eight years they also had a child who goes by the name Vidhie.

Sanjeev Khanna's arrest

Caption: Sanjeev Khanna’s arrest.


Sanjeev Khanna’s ties with Sheena Bora’s Murder case.

Sanjeev is the step father of Sheena Bora and was also married once to Indrani Mukerjea. Sanjeev Khanna and Indrani were arrested back in the year 2015 after being suspected of murdering Sheena. He was accused of strangling Sheena to the death in the presence of Sheena’s mother Indrani Mukerjea and driver Shyamvar Rai. Sanjeev is currently serving his time in the Arthur Road jail and because of security issues, he was moved to Anda cell where he is kept far from other inmates.

Sanjeev is speculated to be involved in the murder as he didn’t want any of his property to end up in Sheena’s pocket. So in order to eliminate this risk, he is suspected to be involved in Sheena’s murder.