It’s not a hidden fact that Bollywood’s famous actors Shahrukh Khan and Amir Khan were once alleged arch rivals and were even reported to have some cold war going on between them. Both of these Khan’s have successfully established themselves in the Bollywood industry as the kings.

The duo has appeared in only three movies in their acting career which are “Bombay Talkies”, “Lucky By Chance”, “Pehla Nasha”. Even though the duo are seen smiling in media’s camera, there is certainly some feud going on in between them, which also has been the talk for years in the Bollywood industry.

But with time the relationship between them is certainly leaning towards the bright side as both of them were recently seen in Dubai attending entrepreneur Ajay Bijli’s birthday bash. Karan Johar was also seen in the birthday party and he also shared a photo of Shahrukh Khan, Amir Khan and Ajay Bijli together from the occasion.

There were many rumors about why they had the cold war going on, even though there has never been any concrete evidence or proofs to support the calim, it’s for certain that the relation between them wasn’t soo good. One of the places we’ve noticed is on their official twitter account where both of them have followed almost everyone from the industry except for each other.

Apart from the photo above Shahrukh Khan has also Posted a selfie with Amir and this is the first selfie that the duo has ever taken together.