Sheena Bora was an executive working for Mumbai Metro One, based in Mumbai. She was born on 11th February 1987 to parents Siddhartha Das and Mother Indrani Mukerjea in Shillong, Meghalaya, India. Even though she was born in Shillong she was taken care by her grandparents.

Education and career.

Sheena  acquired her Bachelor’s degree in arts from St. Xavier’s College based in Mumbai. Lately, after she completed her bachelor’s degree she joined Reliance Infrastructures as a management trainee. After working there for almost about two years she joined Mumbai Metro One as an assistant manager in the year 2011.


Sheena was in a relationship with Rahul Mukerjea who is actually her half brother. She and Rahul started dating back when she was in her second year at St. Xavier’s College. Their relationship was going very good until she disappeared leaving Rahul with a breakup message on 24th of April 2012. It was also the same day that she resigned from her job at Mumbai Metro one.

Sheena's mother Indrani and stepfather Peter Mukerjea

Caption: Sheena’s mother Indrani and stepfather Peter Mukerjea.


Sheena’s Family.

Sheena Bora grew up with her grandparents Upendra Kumar Bora and Durga Rani Bora at their family home in Guwahati. Apart from her grandparents, her parents are Siddhartha Das and Indrani Mukerjea. She also had two other stepfathers Sanjeev Khanna and Peter Mukerjea. She also did have her own sibling brother who goes by the name Mikhail Bora.

Why is Sheena famous ???

Sheena Bora caught the attention of media after her mysterious murder back in the year 2012 which wasn’t revealed until the year 2015. The news about her murder came to light after Indrani’s driver was caught for possession of illegal weapons. During the interrogation, he revealed the details of the murder which later resulted in Indrani being arrested for the murder of her daughter.