It’s a case that has confused, fascinated and shocked us all when CBI booked media magnet Peter Mukerjea and his wife Indrani for the murder of Indrani’s daughter; Sheena Bora, who she had announced to the world as her sister. It was another twist, while initially, peter seemed to be disassociating himself completely CBI booked him for conspiracy in the murder.

Sheena Bora’s case came into media’s attention after Shyamvar Pinturam Rai, who is Indrani’s driver was arrested on 21st of august 2015 for possession of illegal weapons, where he spilled the beans about the details of the murder. Until then she was said to be missing which however her mother Indrani denied by saying that she was off to America for her further studies.

Sheena Bora wasn’t introduced to the world as the daughter of Indrani. Only a few people knew that she was actually Indrani’s daughter. It was with this lie that Indrani married Peter Mukherjea.

Sheena was also reported to be in relation with her step-brother from Peter’s previous marriage, Rahul Mukerjea. Their relationship was going well until 24th of April 2012 when Rahul received a breakup SMS from her phone. This was the same day that she disappeared and also informally resigned from her job.

Indrani Mukerjea in police custody

Caption: Indrani Mukerjea in police custody


On August 25th of the year 2015 Indrani Mukerjea was arrested for the murder of her daughter Sheena and so was Sanjeev Khanna on the next day for helping his wife for the hideous crime.

According to some tabloid sites, Indrani and her ex-husband Sanjeev Khanna were also charged with attempting to murder Indrani’s son Mikail Bora.

Reasons for Sheena’s murder.

There are many theories and reasons to as why Sheena was murdered. Some speculate that the murder took place because of her relationship with Rahul Mukerjea. However, with the recent updates regarding the case, the real reason behind her murder has surfaced. According to the official reports, money/property is considered as the main reason for the murder.

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