The most multi-talented actress Shraddha Kapoor Born in Mumbai known for her heart touching performance from “ Aashiqui 2” seems to be dating actor Farhan Akhtar who also is an amazing Bollywood actor. Shraddha Kapoor and Farhan Akhtar are rumored to be in a relationship for quite some time now.This all happened during their shoot for the movie “Rock on 2” Farhan where these famous celebrities shared love.

Shraddha Kapoor love affair with Farhan Akhtar

Shraddha Kapoor recently in an interview said that she would love to go on a long drive Farhan Akhtar the reason she gave might leave you being surprised. presently, when they were shooting “Rock on 2” they were too busy that they would not get enough time to chat. Farhan Khan post his separation wife Adhuna Akhtar has been linked to Shraddha, Kaliki Koechin and many other celebs.

Farhan had clearly denied to date any other celebs apart from Shraddha Kapoor. Farhan Akhtar seems to be attracted to this beautiful lady and might take her for a long drive.

Shraddha kappor with Farhan Akhtar.

The divorce of Farhan Akthar with his wife Aduna Akhtar had disappointed all his fans as the reason behind this divorce is still unknown.Farhan Linked up with his “Rock on” co-star shraddha Kapoor and this has been the latest news for quite some time.

Adding fuel to fire, Shaddha Kapoor and her boyfriend  farhan were caught dirty dancing on the dance floor at Shraddha’s residence at the “bhaagi” success party.This happened when Sharaddha’s family left the venue. It seems Shraddha kapoor has found love in Farhan Akhtar who is an actor, composer also a film-maker, The lovebirds share common interest like music and films and these bind them together.

The poster of Rock on 2. Arjun rampal, Farhan Akhtar and Shraddha Akhtar. Source:

There relationship will not be so easy as shraddha’s family is a barrier here.Shakti Kapoor dad of shraddha Kapoor turned red hot after knowing his daughter was in a relationship with a man who is yet to seek divorce with his wife and also is a father of two grown up daughter’s.

Farhan Akhtar with his wife Adhuna Akhtar.

Farhan and Sharddha exposed their relationship to the public then they cheered for each other at the recent Global Citizen Cold play concert which took place in Mumbai.These couples are purely in love and does not want to hide being in love. Recently, Farhan had hosted a house warming party and Sharddha was the last to leave. It’s only time that can say how long will this relationship go.

Previously, there were rumors about Shraddha and Aditya roy kapoor dating each others. However, this rumor did not exist for long. They will soon been seen together in their upcoming movie “Ok Jaanu” . Audiences are eagerly waiting to see what Farhan Akhtar has to say about this movie?

Shraddha kappor with Aditya Roy Kapoor.