Shyamvir Rai is one of the prime suspects of Sheena Bora murder case and is also the driver of Indrani Mukherjea. He is a resident of Vakola and has been working for Indrani for a long time. He was born in the year 1973.

Shyamvir Rai was arrested back in the year 2015 under the Indian Arms Act 1959. He was arrested for possessing a pistol and three live cartridges. After his arresting, he was interrogated where he spilled the beans about the murder and thus the case was opened. A tabloid site also pointed that Indrani’s driver received Rs 5lakh after the murder. However, lately after the murder, Shyamvir left his job with Indrani by the end of 2012 and hasn’t worked ever since.

Shyamvir is the only Key witness and even though he was himself involved in the act, his contribution is invaluable for putting the criminals behind the bars. Shyamvir has confessed his crime and wants to turn as a government approver in return he wants his time in the jail to be shortened. The CBI is also positive regarding his time to be shortened as they have issued an no objection letter. However, there are certain clauses for him to turn into an approver. Shyamvir Rai has agreed to speak the truth and give fact information as he was present throughout the whole incident. According to Shyamvir Rai, Sheena Bora was strangulated in the car near Bandra. He also stated that the body was taken to Raighar and there it was disposed and burned. He has been the first-hand eyewitness of the crime so his role is major. If he turns as an approver then with the pieces of evidence, Indrani can be prosecuted and it might be the only way to bring the truth out and put the criminals behind the bars.