Bahubali 2 has recently been released all over the world. The movie is certainly lived up to its expectations. In addition to this, the first half of the movie is impressive as Bhallaldeva son of Bijlaldeva takes over the throne.

The whole story as to why Bhallaldeva took the throne is also shown in quite an interesting way. Devasena who is the princess of “Kuntala” was one of the key reasons for Bhallaldeva getting the throne. The tactics that Bhallaldeva used to get the throne was evil but it certainly got him what he wanted.


In addition to this, Bhallaldeva’s plan of killing Amrendra Bahubali also came to life through Katappa. As Kattappa was obedient to the throne he had to follow kings orders, furthermore, Shivagami the queen mother was also deceived in to thinking that amrendra wanted to kill the King. So in order to save the kingdom and king Shivagami also helped Bhallaldev to kill amrendra.

The first half of the story shows how the love between Amrendra and Devasana builds up and actually helps in building a base for the second half. Second half of the story is mainly based in internal political drama and how Mahendra Bahubali takes over the throne.


The movie is certainly worth every penny or even more than that you spend in the theater. The audio of the movie was also great and is surely did compliment the movie. Furthermore the visual effects that you can see in the movie is also worth to watch. SS Rajamouli has certainly delivered his best in the movie along with the Team of Bahubali.