Sunil Grover is a well established Indian comedian and a performer. He has acquired a huge fan base through his performance in many shows over the decade. He recently left “The Kapil Sharma Show” and Sunil Grover returning back to the show is just rumors circulating on the internet as confirmed by himself.

The main show that has brought Sunil to the limelight is without a doubt; “The Kapil Sharma show” and “Comedy nights with Kapil Sharma”. Even though with such success Sunil Grover has had a fair share of bad moments with Kapil Sharma.

Sunil Grover returning to Kapil Sharma Show is just a lie

Sunil had previously quit “Comedy Nights With Kapil Sharma” due to some issues with Kapil. However, the duo later came on to an agreement and started the show “The Kapil Sharma Show”. However, due to a brawl between them, that occurred in the Flight back to India. Sunil Grover had left the show along with two other Co-Stars.

There are many news floating around the internet that Sunil is returning to “The Kapil Sharma Show”. However, the comedian has confirmed that its all a hoax. In addition to this Sunil also reported that he is now totally focused on live shows and has no intentions of taking any tv shows.

Kapil Sharma Slaps Sunil Grover

His statement alone is enough for Sunil Grover returning news to be proved as a hoax. Even though Sunil Grover returning to “The Kapil Sharma Show” might not be soon but there is still a hope for them being together and entertain us as they used to do.