Vinod Khanna, the famous Bollywood actor, who was once compared to Amitabh Bachchan; has had a successful career in the Movie industry. He is currently hospitalized as he is reported to be suffering from a severe case of cancer !!! which is untrue as reported by the Hospital representative and son; Rahul Khanna.

Vinod Khanna is currently admitted in the HN Reliance Foundation hospital. The recent photo of him looking frail went viral and news about him having a cancer are also on the rise.

Vinod khanna

Caption: Vinod Khanna’s photo before being sick.


Vinod Khanna suffering from cancer the real story behind the rumors

According to the spokesperson of HN Reliance Foundation, and Research center, the news about his health status plummeting is nothing else but a big fat lie. According to the spokesperson, Vinod Khanna is responding well to the treatment and he is currently in stable condition.

Vinod was Admitted in the first week of April 2017 in the hospital since he was suffering from severe case of dehydration. Once a Bollywood hunk, Vinod’s body has certainly shrunk as he appears to be lean and thin in the recent viral photos of him and his family in the hospital. Even though there is no evidence if his condition is due to cancer or not; speculations and some reports suggest that he is suffering from bladder cancer which is yet to be confirmed.

Rahul Khanna, son of Vinod has reported that his father is in the recovering phase and that Vinod would be soon discharged from the hospital.