The famous TV actress whose name was made very popular in TV media by her spectacular role of “Anandi” in “Balika Badhu”, a famous TV serial on Colors TV. It really was a very sad news for all Pratyusha’s fans when she committed suicide. The cause of her suicide is believed to be her relationship issues with her boyfriend, Rahul Raj Singh. Before Rahul Raj Singh, she was also in a strained relationship with Makrand Malhotra, a Mumbai-based businessman.

Pratyusha Banerjee and Makrand Malhotra were dating each other before Pratyusha was in a “controversial relationship” with Rahul Raj Singh. Her relationship with Makrand was very unsuccessful that even led to a police complaint. Pratyusha filed the police complaint against Makrand for his intolerable behavior and abusive nature. She said that Makrand had been abusing her on the phone time and again. According to her, he even came up at her place and abused her family threatening to them that he would harm them. Makrand also lodged a police complaint against Pratyusha in the same police station. This led to a fight among Makrand and her father.

Pratyusha Banerjee and Makrand Malhotra at a function

So how did this questionable relationship bloom? According to Pratyusha, she met Makrand when she went to say goodbye to her friend. Right then, they didn’t interact but later in a party, they talked and just after three days Makrand proposed her. Initially, she seemed very happy being with him. But every rose has its thorn. Likewise, her relationship also slowly turned

Pratyusha and Makrand’s relationship lasted for over two years. Let’s hear Makrand’s response to the police complaint lodged by both. According to him, he found out that Pratyusha was cheating on him. So he went to her house to sort things out once and for all. But she wasn’t ready to listen to him. Later when he was in Sara Khan’s house (Sara was a good friend to both of them), he was getting overwhelming calls from Pratyusha. Sored by his ignorance Pratyusha asked her family to file a complaint in the basis of abusive bahevious Makrand had been showing to her. Later he came to the knowledge about this matter. That’s why he told the media that he also filed the complaint against her.

Even after their break-up, Pratyusha was spotted in Ada Khan’s birthday party. A source present in that party informed to the media that they were very comfortable with each other and were laughing and both were in happy mood. This led a big confusion in the media world regarding their relationship. But when Makrand was asked question about his and Pratyusha’s togetherness in the party, he simply replied saying that the two could never be friends again and was not in a mood for a patch up. Ada Khan who is a mutual friend to both Pratyusha and Makrand was also faced with the similar question. He said that he had no knowledge about the status of their post-break up relationship by simply replying that both of them were soul mates to him.

The famous “bahu” of the Indian TV world, Pratyusha moved on and later was in another relationship with Rahul Raj Singh, an Indian film actor. Pratyusha even planned her wedding with him. The Bigg Boss 7 contestant surprisingly later  committed suicide, the news that rocked the nation. Many other celebrities took their reaction to Twitter.

Pratyusha Banerjee with her boyfriend Rahul Singh