Zakir Khan is the winner of 2012 Comedy Central’s “Best Stand-Up Comic of India” and the champ of “foster’s lol evenings”. He described himself as ” comedian by nature, cartoon by heart, a writer by profession and entertainer by birth.” He has likewise been a part of a news comedy show, “On Air with AIB”. Khan has established himself as one of the most successful writer, comedian, and presenter.


Zakir Khan was born on August 20, 1987, in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, where his grandfather moved to from Rajasthan. His father is Ismail Khan and mother, Kulsum Khan. He originates from a humble Muslim family and credits his father with being supportive of his ability.

Introduced into a musician family, Zakir holds a diploma in Sitar. Although he did attend college, he rarely attended classes and was not so much in the zone of needing to get a degree. Zakir wanted to become a radio producer, a fantasy that made him move to Delhi to an institute where he learned the tools of his trade. This is when he recalls the feeling of alienation for the first time in life.

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Zakir studied radio programming at ARSL for a year and then moved out in Feb 2009. Having survived Delhi for a year, he moved on to Jaipur for an internship. Jettisoning college, getting into radio and moving out of his comfort zone wasn’t something his family believed was best for him. Resistance was unavoidable, yet Zakir cherished enthusiasm and his family far too much to create any conflict there.

“I stopped taking money from home after I got done in Jaipur. I didn’t have a job, but lied at home that I did.”

He continued doing odd occupations here and there, some way or another dealing with a square meal a day. He didn’t have money to pay his landlord but the owner just wrote it off generously inquiring as to whether he required cash to go back. Sitar playing skills kept helping him get enough cash to overcome the month while he lived with his flatmate Vishwas in Delhi. From radio to the theater, to working at AIR, Zakir has experienced he possibly could and became everything he could turn into.

Zakir started doing stand-up comedy back from his school day. On his interview with The Hindu Times, he said, “During my first show, I was asked to step down within two minutes of my performance; they probably thought I wasn’t that good”. He then went ahead to participate in “India’s Best Stand-up Comedian”, organized by Comedy Central in March 2012; and eventually won the contest.

Rise to Mainstream

In 2015, All India Bakchod were about to take a shot at their news comedy show  “On Air with AIB” and needed to procure a writer for the Hindi version of the show. By this point, Khan had become well-known in the Delhi comedy circuit and was looking to shift base to Mumbai. After being recommended by fellow comedian Raghav Mandava and shortly Khan found himself in a legitimate writer’s room, loaded with comedians as energized as him at the prospect of doing an exceptional show in India.

Writing for a TV show was remunerating in all ways that one can consider yet, in particular, it set the benchmark for the following huge thing in his life. Each show he did would wind up in an overwhelming applause.

His Busy Career

Zakir Khan has performed at Epicentre Gurgaon, Haryana on 15 November 2014. Witnessing Zakir perform is pretty much like sitting in the comfort of your own room with your companions and you have this one extremely amusing person who’s hauling out hilarious stories one by one.

Zakir talks about his association with his Mom, Dad, his progression with the world during his childhood, adolescent, and adulthood – and one can relate to it effectively because at some point in life it has occurred to you as well! Some characters that he brings out in his anecdotes seems to have been pulled out from your own life. He can easily switch mode for a group of people brimming with relatives, a corporate crowd or a room full of men. Each show will know him as a different Zakir

Aside from sharing the podium with other stand-up comedians like Vir Das and Papa CJ, Zakir has done various shows all over India. He also co-hosted The 5th Annual Golden Kela Awards in 2013. A strong supporter of open-mic comedy, this Indore chap refers to compose his own script. In this interview, Zakir discusses his ride to fame and the present condition of comedy in this nation.

In 2015, Zakir wrote and co-hosted ‘On Air with AIB’, a news comedy show, with Gurusimran Khamba and Tanmay Bhat from the Indian comedy group, All India Bakchod. The show was communicated on national television channel Star World, India.

On 21 November 2015, he performed “Forced To Be Single” at Canvas Laugh Club, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. He talks about the absurdities of modern- day dating amongst modern desis. Beginning from credulous pre-adult ventures to thrill ride relational unions.

On 30 January 2016, Zakir performed “Handle With Care” at FICCI Auditorium, New Delhi. The show is a reflection of his struggles, believes, and the incongruity of his life. Khan talks about the humor that exists in our uncertainties, how we battle with our feeling of inadequacy in the wittiest way imaginable.  The struggle of a small town boy in the glittery world of a metropolitan and the contention of being from a working class family in India.

Personal Life

Presently situated in Mumbai, Khan is currently performing at the “Canvas Laugh Club” for the Best in Stand Up shows with fellow comedian Sumit Anand and Vipul Goyal. He has also performed in Singapore, Philippines, and Malaysia. “Everybody feels ignored, we just need to start being nice to each other,” he says signing off.

Being ordinary is unquestionably not some tea for Zakir Khan. Outfitted with the looks of Brad Pitt working on a development site in Greater Noida, this ‘Befuddled Desi’ serves up his thought on the present day India with a difficult to oppose provincial cleverness that’ll make them gesture your heads and applauding to everything he says.

According to his social profile, Khan is not yet married and possibly single as well. Having achieved great success from a young age in his career, he is probably living a luxury life with a handful of net worth.